Reflections on the 14th Round of the TPP Negotiations-and why the 15th Round is destined to be more of the same…

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‘We don’t know, exactly, what the Trans-Pacific Partnership is,
but I’m against it’

An account by Stan Sorscher, SPEEA, EOI, WFTC who met with negotiators in the last round of TPP negotiations in Leesburg, VA…

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is probably the most important trade agreement you’ve never heard of. Sometimes described as our “21st Century trade agreement,” its terms are being negotiated in secret by 11 countries, big and small, arranged around the Pacific Ocean. As the TPP takes shape, we see that it’s really the old NAFTA model, built from the ground up to shield global businesses from public debate, public policy, and public regulation.”

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