All You Need To Know About Vitamins For Hair Growth


Vitamins, an organic substance is an essential micronutrient. Every organism needs some amount of vitamins in any form for a healthy metabolism. Vitamins help in the growth of the body. The deficiency of specific vitamins can cause diseases in the future. A healthy and Voluminous hair is a dream of many. For perfect health and growth, people tend to spend thousands of money on various treatments.  The best vitamin for hair growth is VITAMIN-B. Vitamin B is also known as Biotin, which is responsible for healthy hair growth.

Vitamin B, found in Meats, Leafy vegetables, Nuts, etc. For providing the structure to the hair, Vitamin C is responsible. It makes Collagen which provides support for hair structure. Biotin, an alternative for the treatment of hair loss. A healthy diet and some supplements can improve the level and health of the hair. Vitamin B12 provides shininess and smoothness in Hairs. Supplements can also be taken to improve the vitamin level, but the expert’s prescription should take them. Excessive growth can also be dangerous. The vitamins create RBC, the carrier of oxygen that carries oxygen to all parts of the body.

Are vitamins Effective for hair growth?

Vitamins like B12, B6 are helpful in every aspect of hair growth. They are also responsible for hair fall if vitamins are deficient in the body. Multivitamins along with Iron controls hair loss. Supplements such as Ashwagandha, Curcumin, and antioxidants such as Vitamin E helps to reduce Negative hormones in the body. But one has to understand that hair supplements do not work. Taking a balanced diet that contains all the vital vitamins and minerals maintains the health of the hair. Only supplements can not show positive results alone. No evidence has proved whether the particular vitamin cures hair growth. 

Quantity of vitamins to be taken for better growth:

The vitamins that needs to be taken for better hair growth are-

  • Vitamin A: 

Sources are Vegetables such as carrots, spinach leaves, dairy products, apricots, pumpkins. The vitamins are available in the form of capsules or tablets. An individual can take one tablet per day for better growth. 600mg is the recommended range.

  • Vitamin E: It has Antioxidant properties for the protection of cells from being damaged. It is responsible for the shiny growth of hair. 10 mg is the recommended range.

      Sources are Nuts, Vegetable oil, Spinach. It is available in minimal amounts in shampoo and conditioners, Oils.   

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in the production of Collagen, provides support to the structure of the hair. 

        Sources are Citrus fruits, Broccoli, Peppers, Guava, etc. Capsules and tablets are the supplements available.

  • Vitamin D: Alopecia is a disease caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D. 

Sources are Mushrooms, Juices, Meat, Low-fat milk. The Deficiency of vitamin D can be cured by exposure to Sunlight. The blood produces Vitamin D when the body is exposed to sunlight. 15mg can be taken on a daily purpose.

Regular care and timely treatment maintain the health of the hairs. An egg is also beneficial for the shining and smoothness; good quality shampoos and conditioners should be applied to the scalp. Oiling once a week wraps all the hair-related problems.

Wrapping Up

Hair loss and lowering the volume of hair have become a common problem nowadays. Several procedures are there for the treatment of Hairs. The success depends upon the diet taken. A diet should have all 13 vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Iron. Taking medications is not a bad thing but make sure you do not overdose on any micronutrients. Self- Treatment is wrong in taking of diet.

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