Can We Gift A Real Star To Someone? Here’s The Answer!


A Stars Schenkena (star Schenken), which is made from an actual star in the sky rather than just paper, can be the ideal option if you’re searching for a very special gift. In this useful tip, we’ll demonstrate how to offer a star and get baptized. You can gift a star by naming one. With this kind of gift, you will undoubtedly bring happiness to your loved ones. Giving a star is mostly a symbolic act of giving. A star is a gift for all time, whether it be for a birthday, wedding, or any other event. The star you are gifting is a genuine star that you may name anything you like. This star is officially registered in the star register upon its “baptism.”

A certificate for the chosen star will be given to you at the star naming event. There are also other optional options, such as a star map or an image of a star. The star that you chose is represented by the Star Certificate. It offers additional information in addition to validating the nomenclature, such as the precise coordinates and details regarding further characteristics of the star.

How to gift a star to anyone

There are some simple steps to follow to gift a star, these are:

  • You have the option of online star naming through a variety of services, including The baptized star needs to be recorded in the official registry. When giving a gift, you must bear this information in mind.
  • There are many packages available from different providers, and they differ in terms of the number of extras like star maps and other extra content as well as the caliber of the selected star.
  • Stars that are particularly prominent and simple to see, as well as those that are a member of a constellation, cost a little bit more than a typical star. To choose the ideal package for the gift recipient, check with several providers in advance.
  • Depending on the size and quality of the star you buy, naming a star costs between 30 and 200 euros, including registration and a certificate.

How does giving stars work?

A Stars Schenkena (star Schenken) star can be given as a token of your affection to someone you care about deeply and who you want to make that special someone feels special. You have the option to give a real star in the constellation of your choice the name of your choice through star naming. It is recorded in the original Sternregister using authentic, legally protected, scientific data about a star. Along with the necessary map materials, a star photo, and other fantastic extras that you can symbolically present for your star naming ceremony, you will receive a special certificate for completing the star naming ceremony.

How to personalize the star gift?

There are several ways to customize the star gift, besides giving the star a unique star name and date. You can first add a customized note to the receiver in the order form. Your gift package will contain this note. The second method involves customizing the unique Star Page. Through a unique admin interface, you can modify this page:

  • The color of the page
  • Adding a personal touch to the greeting
  • Adding images Modifying the featured image
  • Video addition
  • Requesting that others make comments in the guestbook

Where to buy the star for gifting someone?

Sternenhimmel24 is the finest place to purchase a star since they offer the best and most obvious star registry, have incredibly authentic products that often start at $35, and have excellent prior customer evaluations, so you can put your trust in them to purchase your desired star. You may reach them by phone around-the-clock, and they offer the best customer care.


You can pleasantly surprise your significant other or someone else by using Sterne Schenkena (star Schenken). This exceptional present is heartfelt and will undoubtedly bring tears to your eyes. Getting your own star is something outstanding and special that you may achieve with your own dedication. each heartbeat becomes quicker.

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