Getting Rid Of Fat Without Liposuction


No matter how well you work out or watch your dietsome problematic areas just refuse to get rid of the fat accumulated there. This can be highly troublesome for those who want to get rid of that excess fat but don’t want to go under the knife for it.

Well, we’re here to tell you, you don’t need to get surgery done, or liposuction for that matter, to slim down and remove excessive fat. There is a far better and non-invasive method for it. And it is called Trifecta Light by LipoMelt. 

What is Trifecta Light by LipoMelt?

LipoMelt is a safe, non-invasive, and non-surgical method of removing excess fat from the body using infrared light. By triggering the fat cells in that area to use the fat present in them, it increases metabolism and thus fat reduction.

It is safe and works well for areas that are traditionally resistant to fat-reducing methods like dieting and exercising. A bonus point is that it tightens the skin around the area that is being treated and improves skin tone and scar marks if you have them.

How does it work?

LipoMelt is a pad that emits light of infrared wavelength. This light goes into the cell membrane of fatty cells and stimulates metabolism, aka the breakdown of fat in them by changing the permeability of the cell wall. 

This change or alteration is temporary, but it causes the fat to seep out and get absorbed into the bloodstream. Once it reaches the bloodstream, it is broken down into its components- fatty acids and glycerol and quickly used by cells to perform its daily cellular functions.

Is it effective?

Clients have reported results within the very first sessions. With the advent of non-invasive treatments, more people are looking into these technologies as opposed to liposuction and other conventional surgical methods. 

Red light or Trifecta Light by LipoMelt is a great alternative as it promises and delivers the best results without having to undergo any of the discomforts of surgery. There are no side effects, and patients don’t feel any heat, pain, or other discomforts while this treatment is performed. 

It is highly effective as it naturally degrades fat to be used by the body as fuel, and this makes it a safer method. The device, or pads, not only break down fat but also smoothen wrinkles by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen and tighten the skin in the target area. 

So, you don’t just slim down, and you also get a better skin tone in the areas where it is applied.

Trifecta Light by LipoMelt is a great alternative to traditional liposuction. Non-invasive, with a 100% guarantee on working, and painless at that, it is a better way to get rid of your persistent body fat without having to get surgery, which isn’t a viable option for many people. The sessions aren’t expensive, and you will see results from the first sessions themselves.

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