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Imagine you open an electronic commerce website or any website for that matter to purchase any item, what would be the first thing you would check before deciding on buying that item? It’s obviously the reviews pertaining to the product right? That’s the power of reviews. All the companies and organisations strive hard to improve their reviews and ratings for their products. As it is the only deciding factor apart from the price for a customer to purchase their product. Trustpilot Bewertungen kaufen(Buy Trustpilot reviews) is one such Website a company or Organisation can reach out to actually buy and escalate reviews for their products. This article further emphasises the prominence of reviews and their proportional relationship with the company or organisation’s growth.

What Are Reviews?

Reviews basically constitute the feedback generated by customers who have purchased the organisation or company’s product. They reflect the quality and credibility of the products delivered by the particular company or organisation.

What Is The Importance Of Reviews?

 While it may sound plain sailing, reviews are the most powerful tools that decide the ultimate fate or destiny of the company or organisation. The public or your target audience relies solely on the previous reviews of the product before deciding on whether or not to purchase your product. As they mirror the eminence of your company’s or organisation’s product. When a customer scrolls through your list of products, they skim through the prices first, the next thing they look out for will be the reviews and ratings associated with the product.

Even if you have disabled the reviews and rating section, it would be more convincing for the customer to reject or decline their chosen product from purchasing. The more the reviews, the greater the probability of customers purchasing your product. For instance, when you put up a Product A for sale, although it may be priced at a discounted price, nobody would blindly invest in your product, rather the customer population in this era has grown wise enough to check the credibility of the features enlisted alongside the product through reviews and ratings.

One of their major criteria for purchasing products is checking the number and type of reviews. On the other hand, not just the number of reviews matters, perhaps it’s the number of positive reviews pertaining to the product that a customer looks out for. Despite having more reviews, if a majority of the reviews are negative or do not align with the features or description as enlisted or endorsed by the company or organisation then the customer would blindly reject or pull out your product from their cart without any further second guesses.

However, despite the significant impact of reviews, many companies or organisations choose to view this review sector as a fritter away of time and effort. They don’t believe in the assessment of their products by third parties, as many reviews go beyond the scope of trust.  Many competitors on the platform tend to hire people just to pen down negative reviews of their potential competitors in the market. This by nature, will not be considered by the consumers while purchasing a product. They presume all the reviews to be genuine from another common consumer.

Yet, some companies choose another way to escalate their reviews instead of relying on their customers, what is it?

You heard that right, the companies actually “Purchase” reviews for a fixed amount in terms of different packages as offered by different online portals such as Bewertungen kaufen. In my concern, I’d attribute this act as a squandering away of money. It also doesn’t do justice to your consumers.


Irrespective of whatever you do, stick to your business ethics. That alone would suffice to put you on the victory stand despite the dire competition.

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