Find the Answers to Your “When Will My First Period Come Quiz”


The first period that a girl has is called menarche. As puberty hits, many girls start to wonder when they will get their periods. It is an important developmental milestone in growing up. It is a big change to happen in everyone’s life, so it is natural to be intrigued by it, which is why most girls will search for “when will my first period come quiz” on the internet. You cannot really blame them for this. It is indeed difficult to predict the first period.

Most girls start to have their periods between 12 to 15 years. However, it can be as early as 8 in some girls. The age is different for different individuals and anywhere between 10-16 years is a normal age to have periods.

The body starts to indicate some tell-tale signs before your first period. The different signs are breast development, underarm hair, pubic hair, and vaginal discharge. A proper understanding of these signs may give you an indication of when your first period will come.

Changes in the body before your first period

Every single body is unique, and you cannot be certain when things will happen. Every healthy body has its own patterns and timings of development. However, some changes that each girl will have before having her first period are the following:

  • Breasts/nipples

The first thing you would notice is the changes in your breasts. In the beginning, small bumps around the nipples are noticeable. After that, the darker regions get bigger and puff out. You may as well feel there might be a lump on your chest. After 2-3 years of breast growth, most girls get their first period.

  • Pubic hair

After you have noticed the growth in your breast buds, there are signs of pubic hair. Over time the growth increases and the hair gets curlier while spreading over your thighs.

  • Body shape

Before you get your first period, the shape and size of your body start to change rapidly. The most significant growth spurt is around 6 months or a year before getting the first period. However, it doesn’t remain the same for everyone. For some girls, it might be two years before or even after the start of the period. If you track your height, you will notice that it increases rapidly first and around your first period, it starts to slow down.

  • Bodily fluids

These fluids are also called cervical fluids. After your breasts start to grow, you might notice some changes in your vaginal fluid. Some notice it 6-12 months prior to their first period. If you are wondering what it looks like, it is a whitish and thin liquid with not much of a smell. As you tend to get closer to your first period, you will see changes in your vaginal discharge almost every day.

The discharge is your vagina’s way of keeping itself moisturized and clean so that you can stay healthy.

Some people start their periods without any warning, while others may experience some more signs in the days leading up to the period, which are acne, tender and sore breasts, bloating, feeling more fatigued than usual, an upset tummy, strange food cravings, and super emotional. You might find yourself crying at some random cat or dog videos. Even period veterans sometimes look back and realize that’s why they were crying. Pesky hormones can catch you by surprise if you don’t notice these changes in your body.

The internet is crowded with “when will my first period come quiz” questions that you can answer. These quizzes are for nothing but to know the changes you might be having in your body, thus, estimating the time of your first period. You can also give a quiz if you are curious about your first period.

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