Put your Instagram pages for sale for getting money on your way


If you are all broke, got bills and debts left to pay, got 0 dollars in your bank account, and have no idea how to make money online, the best way to get everything sorted is to either put your Instagram pages for sale or buy one of them.

Buying and selling accounts are technically against the terms of the service, so you need to be careful about that while buying or selling Instagram pages.

Ways to put your Instagram pages for sale 

If you are putting your Instagram pages for saleyou need to take care of things like increasing the value, finding a suitable buyer, getting the right place, and keeping a hold of your money after the transactions. First things first, you have to prep your account for sale. The three main determining factors of your account budget is worth coming down to are niche engagement and growth. These three lead to how much the budget can make and determine the value.

Now, you can not change the niche quickly without suffering consequences, but you can get the engagement and the growth up. To improve your account’s engagement and development, you need to be more active and consistent with your content, which will partially help you bump up your numbers. The bigger these numbers are, the more money you will be receiving.

Getting a buyer for your account

When you organically boost your engagement and growth, you need to go about finding a buyer. Now the chances are that if your account does have a good engagement arrangement, you will be getting many people hitting you up trying to buy it naturally. If not, and you want people interested in buying your account. You can join some Facebook groups about social media marketing, digital marketing, Instagram, etc. Then do deep research and keep in mind that they are looking for people who have mentioned Instagram accounts or buying Instagram account accounts. 

Find many leads in those groups; post your username only if it is allowed in your group rules. If they do qualify, you can post freely by telling people that people might DM you for more details. It is preferred not to put the price of your account directly on the post and wait for people to DM you. In this way, you will also get a bit of an understanding of whom people value it. Just mention your followers on the post and not the price as in this way, you will have fewer people to negotiate with. 

Once someone has sent you the money, you are pretty done. However, some slimy people will try to play a few tricks to scam people and get complete access to the account. To avoid this situation, before you sell your account or give them all the keys, you should go to some security measures to secure the report and then request refunds through Paytm or other banking apps to get the money back further. As evidence, you should have the screenshots of your chats and other similar proof that mention that you have given them the account at a special price. A small written agreement between the two of you outlines the deal’s details. You can seek expert advice from a lawyer to prove the buyer has all the login details. It will be more convenient for you to send all your account details on messenger or Instagram rather than on a phone call. To know more, you may look over the web and gather more info.

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