Taste of Real Coffee with Cromwell Coffee Machines


What makes your coffee so unique? If you are a fan of this great drink, you know that the word “coffee” is not enough to define the complexity, work, and experience hidden behind this product.

The love for coffee brings to the cup is due to the quality of the raw material and the experience and mastery in the management of all the steps to guarantee an exceptional result. Now with high-performance Cromwell Coffee machines, it is possible to reproduce the taste as close as hand drip coffee, and more cafes are introducing it.

It’s not easy, though, to have a complete understanding of what all this means while drinking a cup of exceptional coffee and what are the most important things to know!

How to choose a coffee machine

When buying a coffee machine, check at least three points below and choose:

  1. Additional features

The flavor of the coffee beans comes off from the moment it is ground. The milled type, which can be extracted as soon as ground, does not spoil the taste. In addition, “steaming” is the key to bringing out the taste of coffee firmly. By steaming, hot water penetrates the inside of the coffee powder, and the original umami of coffee can be extracted as a whole. If you purchase a drip type, the price will be higher, but it is recommended to have a steaming function.

  1. The capacity of water supply tanks

the power of the water tank varies depending on how many cups are extracted per day. Even if the number of seats is small and there are about 50 cups on weekdays, it is necessary to choose a type that can accommodate it in shops with many takeout and shops that serve nearly 100 cups on holidays.

  1. How to care

Coffee machines also need to be kept clean at all times. Coffee machines are often placed in places visible to customers, so you can’t neglect to care for them. since the water supply tank is easy to adhere to chlorine and minerals, it is convenient to remove the tank and wash it. It is good to choose the one with the mill automatic cleaning machine for the mill mounted type.

Espresso machine

Espresso is characterized by its intense flavor and richness. The difference from drip coffee lies in the way it is extracted. Drip coffee is extracted by natural osmotic pressure, while espresso extracts high pressure. Miscellaneous taste does not enter because it is removed instantaneously, various taste does not enter, and umami is condensed and finished in a rich flavor. There are hand-drips and fully automatic Cromwell Coffee Machines to brew coffee.

Combined drip and Espresso machines

There is also a coffee machine with both drip and espresso features. This composite type has a wide range of performance, ranging from professional specifications used by varistors to introductory specifications that even beginners can use. It is essential to choose something that you can see and use with your eyes when buying.

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